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Quest 4 Success

The Kentucky Career Center is your link to employment, workforce information, education, and training. Our goal is to ensure you are job-ready through a one-on-one partnership with a Career Coach who will assist in enhancing job skills, identifying job opportunities, and obtaining employment in a high-demand occupation.

This grant was provided through Department of Labor funds with the goal of helping those drawing unemployment or those unemployed and needing extra assistance. You aren't alone. Our Career Coaches stand beside you in complete support as you search for your next career.
We can help with:
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Job Search and Resume Preparation
  • Paid Work Experiences
  • Employability Workshops

Eligibility Criteria:
  • You are drawing unemployment, or
  • ​You have been unemployed for 12 consecutive weeks or more, or
  • You have been unemployed for 14 of the last 27 weeks, or
  • You are unemployed with a sporadic work history, or
  • ​You are unemployed with no job history and looking for employment, or
  • You are unemployed with a significant barrier to employment (utilizing government benefits, homeless, living in a sober living facility, individuals who are justice-involved, low-income, or other documented barriers determined by your Career Coach)
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