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Kentucky Skills U provides free adult education services in all 120 counties to help Kentuckians obtain a GED. Through Kentucky Skills U, Kentuckians can gain reading, math and communications skills that place them on a path to higher education and training, and earn certifications to move ahead in their careers. 


Local Kentucky Skills U teachers are ready in every county to help you break through barriers to reach your education and career goals. We focus on where you are now and give you the tools you need to qualify for more and better jobs, classes and higher pay. 


Today, about 350,000 working-age Kentuckians do not have a high school or GED diploma. Our mission is to work with Kentuckians to improve their quality of life through education, training and employment so they can take care of themselves and their families and help their communities’ and the state’s economies expand and thrive.  


Kentucky Skills U is in the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet within the Department of Workforce Investment. 

Please click your county of residence below for more information.


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