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Supportive Services are an important element in your success and are allowable when needed to enable you to participate in employment services and training activities. Supportive Services are based on necessity, availability, and are not entitled. You should not rely not on Supportive Services as your sole means of food, housing, transportation, etc.
Supportive Services are available to those:
  • Actively working with a Career Coach for job placement;
  • Showing satisfactory performance with your current employer; or
  • Demonstrating academic progress while in training.
Supportive Service Requests:
In order to request Supportive Services please email your Career Coach. Text and phone call requests will not be accepted. Please do not visit the Kentucky Career Center to pick up your Supportive Service Cards as they will be mailed.

Reimbursements are made based upon necessity and available funds. Completing a reimbursement form will not guarantee payment. If approved, reimbursements will be mailed to the address on file and could take up to eight weeks for processing. You must email your Career Coach before you complete a reimbursement request. 
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