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What is a Modern Apprenticeship
A modern apprenticeship is an employee training program that combines on-the-job training and classroom instruction under the supervision of an experienced industry professional. It is a proven strategy for recruiting, training, and retaining employees - perfect for filling your pipeline with highly-skilled, diverse, and productive workers. Businesses of all sizes engage modern apprentices. Over 250 modern apprenticeship programs are currently registered in Kentucky, with over 3,500 apprentices across a broad range of industries. In fact, since the US Department of Labor started keeping track in 2007, more than 16,000 people of all ages (including newly employed and incumbent workers) have served Kentucky’s employers in an apprentice capacity. 
Apprenticeship Benefits
  • Custom trains employees to meet business needs
  • Reduces recruitment and training costs
  • Builds a pipeline of industry talent
  • Increases productivity of newly trained and appropriately skilled workers
  • Fosters greater employee loyalty and high employee retention after the program ends
  • Reduces worker compensation costs due to emphasis on safety training
  • Transfers knowledge of experienced and older workers from one generation to the next with strong mentoring for the duration of the program
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