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The purpose of the Native American Employment and Training Program is to reduce unemployment among American Indians, traditionally the most economically disadvantaged and least serviced group in the United States. Toward this goal, the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center has operated an employment and training program since 1976. The current program is funded through the United States Department of Labor. 
  • Over 18 years of age or a high school senior, and
  • A Native American, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian; and
  • A resident of Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or the District of Columbia, and
  • Unemployed, working part-time or beneath your level of skills, or considered low-income
Employment and Training Counseling - training and employment assessment; counseling; and referral to other employment, social and educational services.
Training Assistance - financial assistance with GED testing and with programs at vocational schools, colleges, or universities.
Job Placement - direct job referrals for participants who have experience/skills.
Counseling - dealing with employment-related topics such as job search techniques, resume writing and interviewing skills. 
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Native American Employment and Training Program

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